• Consists of small volume, high volume production facility.
  • with vessels ranging between 250 Liters to 6,300 Liters.
  • Total reactor volume of 54,700 Liters
  • Vacuum tray drier - 24 tray capacity, SS 316 GMP model.
  • Pressure Nutsche filter 250 liters, SS 316 GMP model.
  • Capable of handling broad spectrum of reactions and a wide range of process parameters.
  • Kilo-labs facility for scale up activities.
  • Built up area of the plant is approximately 7,000 sq.mts.
  • MANUFACTURING FACILITY to download in brochure.
  • Temp Range from - 150℃ to +250℃ (Facility to be upgraded to that extent)
  • Pressure Capacity up to 20 kg/cm2 2250℃ (Facility to be upgraded to that extent)
  • Expertise in Chiral Synthesis
  • Grignard Reaction
  • Silylation
  • Oximation
  • Ketalisation

Development and Manufacturing

We offer the complete bandwidth of products in Penicillins, Cephalosporins, Anti-retroviral, Anti-infectives and other non betalactams. We also offer sterile and non sterile anti-biotics.


  • Fully equipped manufacturing blocks with attached clean air systems
  • More than 20 SS/GL/HP reactors ranging from 250-6300 ltr
  • Dedicated pilot plants (with clean air systems) for scale-up studies
  • Process R&D team at each plant
  • Cryogenic facilities (-80 to 250 degree C)
  • Purified water distribution loop confirming to USP
  • In house Micronization capabilities
  • Clean rooms at every block
  • Dedicated Microbiology Labs
  • Wide range of analytical equipments including GCs, HPLCs with PDA, UV spectrometers, IR, PSD, DSC & XRD
  • Absolute compliance with Safety, Health & Environment